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Nice To Meet You!

...Now Meet Me!

About Me

I recently graduated Oklahoma City University with a Business Administration degree emphasizing in Marketing and Management along with a Social Media minor. I am also social media marketing certified! I am an entrepreneur, content creator, podcast host, model, and your ULTIMATE boss baddie! When I'm not doing those things, my hobbies include watching reality tv and hanging out with friends. I grew up as an only child with no pets, but now I am the mother of two hamsters who live in a pretty pink castle cage. Their names are Hammy and Tyrone (mommy loves you)! 

I'm Jane

About We

I'm not just your social media manager or coach. I'm your badass business bestie. Social media is an enormous industry that is set to continue growing at a rapid rate. It's powerful....but it's not as easy as it looks! Social media is hella hard...but I'm here to help. We are in this together! It's not just about growing, gaining, or having the most fabulous feed, it's about personalization and creation that leads to relation with your audience. I'm here to push you to your best potential, clap for you when you achieve a goal, and support you regardless. We are here to win, therefore we will succeed. Together.  

Mission Statement

The goal is to help creatives, influencers, individuals, and businesses succeed in their social media endeavors while equipping them with expertise and empowering them with the confidence to be fierce and fearless within themselves, the process, and beyond. I strive to build a community because as humans, the greatest resource we have is each other. Building a community is the BEST thing you can do….so let’s build together. 

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